Information Audits, Primary 
 Interviews, and Surveys

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For a national transportation services company, prepared an overview of Amazon’s role as a disruptor in the logistics industry



Provided an international manufacturer of diesel engine retrofit products for the on-road market a comprehensive report to help them determine whether the off-road market was a viable market, particularly in the state of California. The report covered: the regulatory landscape for diesel emissions on a national and state level; the political landscape in the state of California with respect to a proposed California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulation focusing on key stakeholders and legislators; and available funding from the EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Program (DERP), Environmental Quality Incentives Program, and others. It also identified major off-road construction vehicle fleets; suppliers of diesel retrofit emission control systems environmental consultants in California; and a summary of potential competitors and their capabilities


Agriculture and Farming
Interviewed 50 crop farmers across the United States to get their feedback on a precision agriculture system that the client was preparing to launch and documented the findings.
Communication and Technology
Conducted win/loss analysis interviews for a national information-technology products manufacturer
Surveys Durable Goods
Developed and executed a voice of the customer (VOC) survey for a national hardware distributor that wanted to understand customers’ perceptions of its brand, sales team and marketing efforts. The project included designing the survey instrument; conducting and transcr...
Manufacturing and Industry
For a national defense contractor, contacted and interviewed dozens of subject matter experts, former and current employees, and other stakeholders regarding a competitor’s technical expertise, capacity, and capability to fulfill a Department of Defense multimillion-dollar RFP